Feb 5, 2007


Sigh..try as I might, these is the best I can get of flamingos!

Finally Flamingos!

From my fabric wishbook! Notice they are white with pink undercoatings/fur/?? Interesting!!

Still searching for the biggest whatever and the new assignments, guess I need to keep the camera with me! :)


Bezzie said...

Fabric wishbook??!!! I want one of those except replace "fabric" with "yarn."

I think I like them on the blue water background. They look kind of goth-flamingo on the black background.

cpurl17 said...

Wow, fabric wishbook! Sounds fancy. I vote for th eblue b/g too!

Stacie said...

that works! A girl can dream of flamingo fabric, can't she?

Zonda said...

Hah! I call it a wishbook! It's an online fabric catalog. Wishbook cause I want it all! LOL!