Jul 27, 2007

Big Little

Since I dragged everyone down (including myself) with my post below, I am jumping in with an idea that's got a lot of happy and cute potential. BIG and little.

My little poodle is on the left. Our next door neighbor's GINORMOUS mutt is on the right. They are good buddies.

Jul 25, 2007

We call it the destruction site

To the right is my neighborhood. To the left WAS a forest when we bought our house.

So sad.

Jul 20, 2007

Bye Bye Bridge

I too have been absent for some time. Here's my construction shot - the new Lake Okanagan Bridge.

And a shot that wasn't taken through the windshield:
I took these photos as I was driving from my old house for the last time en route to the airport as I continue my long, drawn out move from British Columbia to Ontario.

Never thought that photos of a construction site would make me get teary.

Jul 13, 2007

In no particular order...

yeah I am a little late with some of my finds...due to computer problems and a touch of laziness so here is an older topic (oddly enough one that I suggested, oh well)
My dirty little secret is that I hate to unpack my suitcases...I will leave them for months sitting around and we will live out of them...and then it will take several more months before they get put away...and generally we travel so much that they never get put away...what is a girl to do?!

Jul 11, 2007

Construction on Peachtree

Here's what's happening on Peachtree Road as recorded by my spy camera:


This crane is building this:


This condo complex is going to be huge.


And this crane is working on another set of condos only a block away.


This crane? Beats me. It's working on something near the hospital.

Now, this is all within one mile along Peachtree. I can only hope I'm gone before people start moving in. Traffic is going to be horrendous!

-T. Budnik

Jul 10, 2007

Water Towers

Minneapolis has several historic water towers. This oneabove is called The Witches Hat tower, and is located on the highest point in the city. The view from there is gorgeous.

Here's the other one, called The Washburn Water tower, named for the neighborhood that it looms over, and my old high school. The stone carvings on this one are make it look very ominous if you stand directly underneath. Both of them are prime tourist spots and very lovely places to be.

Jul 6, 2007


Around here, summertime means one thing....construction! So, how'z about a picture of some heavy construction machinery?

What's building in your neighbourhood?