Apr 27, 2007

View from my window......

How about this...(feel free to boo and hiss)

What's the view like where you spend most of your days? Is it out the kitchen window? Your office? Do you get a lot of windshield time? Is your window your computer?

Here's mine.......

This is a view of downtown State College, PA, with the Old Main bell tower on the horizon. If you look carefully you can see the PA State Flag to the right, and the US Flag hidden behind the trees to the left. Also note we're just beginning to get some green around here.

I am particularly enamored of the scruffy apartment buildings..... It is slightly cut off because there is a deck outside my office.

We need a new topic......

Anyone got a really, really great idea????

Apr 13, 2007

Spring Showers???

This, my dear friends and to all that are looking is what spring apparently looks like in Maine this year. This was taken at 6:30am this morning after a storm dropped 8+ inches on us poor Mainers last night. Spring must have forgotten that it had already sprung! :) Good thing I have my (finally!) completed butterfly socks to keep me warm! What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

not so dirty secret.....it could be worse!

Could I be any more transparent at this time??

Yes, I love to cook and I love to read about cooking and I love to think about cooking, keep up on what is new in the cooking world and anything else related to cooking that I can find.
I love wine too. 'Nuf said.

The 'healthy cooking' magazine was one I picked up off a news stand that I had never seen before; it's the only one in the stack that doesn't regularly get stuffed into my mailbox. I am a member of the American Chef's Federation, so the magazine second from the bottom on the left is their monthly mailing, mostly full of news on trends, and happenings of the non-celebrity chefs, plus plenty of drool worthy recipes. 'real food' is a quarterly magazine put out by a local grocer. I imagine you recognize everything else. My favs are Eating Well for the recipes, and Saveur for the reading.


Apr 11, 2007

dirty little not-so-secret...


flash yer stash

My Dirty Secret

I can't remember the last time I washed my sheets.


I hate laundry. Why make more of it?

Don't worry, if you ever came to visit me, I'd make sure you got clean sheets!

Apr 10, 2007

Dirty Little Secret

I love fast food. I Know Better but I could eat at out everyday, e coli and all. I don't like vegetables. I really wish I did but I have to force myself to eat them.

My secret...

I have a dirty little secret. In a world of Hybrid vehicles, everything 'green' and eco-friendly, with citizens in fear of Global Warming. . I drive a gas guzzling SUV, and I don't buy the cheap gas. We're talkin' $3.54 per gallon. . . yikes!


Apr 7, 2007

close up of Lake Boniface

This is a true sign of spring in Alaska. I think this is the third time these guys have been to our office parking lot draining different parts of the lot. They weren't very happy either...

The snow is slowly melting though...soon we will be up in the 50's. :)

Apr 3, 2007


Here's my Springtime ritual! A bike ride downtown to see the Cherry Blossoms! It's here!

Cherry Blossoms4

And the Cherry Blossom Sky:

Cherry Blossom Sky

Aren't they gorgeous?

Cherry Blossoms

Happy Spring!