Apr 13, 2007

not so dirty secret.....it could be worse!

Could I be any more transparent at this time??

Yes, I love to cook and I love to read about cooking and I love to think about cooking, keep up on what is new in the cooking world and anything else related to cooking that I can find.
I love wine too. 'Nuf said.

The 'healthy cooking' magazine was one I picked up off a news stand that I had never seen before; it's the only one in the stack that doesn't regularly get stuffed into my mailbox. I am a member of the American Chef's Federation, so the magazine second from the bottom on the left is their monthly mailing, mostly full of news on trends, and happenings of the non-celebrity chefs, plus plenty of drool worthy recipes. 'real food' is a quarterly magazine put out by a local grocer. I imagine you recognize everything else. My favs are Eating Well for the recipes, and Saveur for the reading.



Bezzie said...

I'm willing to bet you've got a lot of cookbooks too?

T. Budnik said...

I love the pictures. I'm not a cook, but I'll look at food magazines any day. I have a deep dislike for cooking magazines (or cookbooks) that don't have a lot of pictures.


Carol said...

Do you make many recipes out of the magazines? Or are they more in the line of eye candy?