Aug 20, 2007

Unsightly lines?

I think there is some irony in the fact that I found this tree in Los Angeles:

Even more so when I realized that it's on the boulevard in front of a dermatologist's house!

Aug 13, 2007

Ugly or Beautiful......It's in the eye of the beholder

Well, although bugs creep me out most of the time, I do like taking a good picture of them. So here's a "Is it ugly or Beautiful" post. hmmmmm..............can we choose a subject or am I breaking the rules????

Aug 10, 2007

Big and Little

I haven't got a couple of adorable big and little animals, so I though I would shock and amaze you with a different type of big and little.
Big and little PILLS!

The little orange pill is so small that if I have to pick one up at work, I bust out the tweezers. The big white pill is soooo large I don't know how people swallow them!

Big and Little part two

Here are mine. They're so much fun to have around. Sure can cheer you up when you're feeling down sometimes. And they always seem to know when I'm sad :)

And thanks for inviting me here, this should be fun :)