Aug 10, 2007

Big and Little

I haven't got a couple of adorable big and little animals, so I though I would shock and amaze you with a different type of big and little.
Big and little PILLS!

The little orange pill is so small that if I have to pick one up at work, I bust out the tweezers. The big white pill is soooo large I don't know how people swallow them!


Unknown said...

wow, talk about a small pill....LOL

Anonymous said...

that little pill is seriously too small for me to pick up...I can't even imagine how potent it would be? I'm guessing not very :)

Unknown said...

sometimes the smallest ones are the ones that knock you on your butt.........LOL

Bezzie said...

Reminds me of that Jefferson Airplane song...One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small...!