Aug 13, 2007

Ugly or Beautiful......It's in the eye of the beholder

Well, although bugs creep me out most of the time, I do like taking a good picture of them. So here's a "Is it ugly or Beautiful" post. hmmmmm..............can we choose a subject or am I breaking the rules????


T. Budnik said...


My rule with bugs: as long as you're outside I won't squish you.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I am not a bug fan, I saw a grasshopper stuck on his back and the first thing I thought was "I should take his picture before I squish him". Just in case you were wondering, no photo, me no squish.

katerina said...

I'm in IL, and we are at the tail end of the 17-year cicadas, so we've had tons of them EVERYWHERE.

As far as Ugly/Beautiful goes, I'm not a huge bug fan, and they look like large flies to me, so ugly... but on the other hand, when I think of what they go through, and having seen the transformation first hand - pretty amazing, and in it's own way, beautiful.

There's a pretty cool youtube video here - very well done:

Unknown said...

except for earwigs, silverfish and flies i like bugs. now my wife hates spiders and she taught our 4 year old to say "there's a spider....get the vacuum."