Jun 30, 2007

Mixed messege's and Ice Cream

@ the ben and jerry's factory in Waterbury, VT I don't think they know if they want you to come or go...or maybe this is like a test for a new ice cream flavor..."do nut know what your doing" maybe it will have choc./van/coffee/strawberry/banana ice cream with every nut you can imagine and a chocolate swirl...oh heck what do I know I just went thru the door.

All along the Watertower....

Sorry, but this topic brigs Jim Morrison to my mind. And here is a shot of one of 3 watertowers that I pass on a regular basis. The others didn't turn out as well.
Edit: As Bezzie pointed out that should be Hendrix! My bad....

Jun 25, 2007


It has been the best peony year ever! I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that we are moving this summer. They must have overheard my husband and I talking and decided to perform well so they would be dug up and taken with me - like I don't have enought OTHER stuff to do besides dig up a bunch of plants and then RE-PLANT them 5 miles away. Oh well...gotta do it.

Jun 19, 2007

My Hometown Water Tower

I think I have posted before when we did the "Home of the giant..." that my home town has a huge pumpkin fesival in the fall that draws huge crowds and media attention. Well we are a lil pumpkin crazy there so why not paint the water tower to look like the very gourd that brings such wonderful revenue to our little town?

Jun 18, 2007

Watertower found!

It's not very tall, so I didn't find it until I was right up on it. So here you go! A nice view of my town watertower's undercarriage.

Jun 15, 2007

all along the watertower

When I first started this project, this was a subject I really wanted to do... I have been a sorta lame host, falling off the wagon in recent months, but I am lovin the way you all have picked up the camera and run with it!! Do you have one of these??

Jun 12, 2007

Howz it growin?

Here is my happy spot...

happy spot

Clockwise from the onions, potatoes, sunflowers, cabbage, broccoli and raspberries....

happy spot 2

from the other corner, black raspberries, tomatoes, pinto beans, and poles ready for some green beans too...

Jun 8, 2007

Howz it growin'?

Well it was growing good til they died...yup I took this a while ago I just haven't posted it yet, and now I need to get down and take pix of the tiger lillies that have taken their place....I did not plant these, which is why they are doing so well. We have been in our house almost 2 years, and they just keep coming back and I love it. If I had anything to do with these I am sure they would be dead by now. So I am going to enjoy them as long as I can.

I will take a picture of the new flowers and add later.

Jun 7, 2007

Howz it Growin?

We're growing a sweet pea in our house. Here it is in November:

And check her out now!

Jun 5, 2007

Howz it growing?

Hi! Thought it was about time I got back here! :)

Pink Petunias
Petunia's still alive!! The wave variety!

Red Petunias
Waving again!

My own container creation! Geranium in the middle, Ivy, etc. It's still doing well!
Everyone laughs at me as I'm known to have a black thumb...well...almost a month later and all of these are hanging in there!

Howz it growin'?

What's growing in my garden???

Lots and lots..... From top to bottom:
Cherubs (well, I don't grow them, y'know!), Spiderwort, Lupine,
Bleeding Heart and Johnny Jump Ups, Flax,
Painted Daisies and Yarrow

Jun 2, 2007

Howz It Growing

I don't have room for a garden (rental), but I do have a landing on my back steps that gets plenty o'sunlight.

So I planted a pot garden. I've got tomatoes, sunflowers, nastursiums, a mother's day marigold, onions, oregano and now my favorite one--a potato.

I "rooted" a Yukon Gold potato from a funky tater we had leftover from a bag we bought at the grocery store.

This was my potato the Friday of Memorial Day weekend:


Here it is yesterday (a week later):


I just got done watering my pot garden and I swear that potato has gotten bigger from that picture yesterday!

Jun 1, 2007

New Topic!

Time for a new topic, I think....Howz it Growin? What's growing in your garden/flowerpot/neighbourhood/cracks in the sidewalk, etc?

Here's what's in my front garden.