Jul 11, 2007

Construction on Peachtree

Here's what's happening on Peachtree Road as recorded by my spy camera:


This crane is building this:


This condo complex is going to be huge.


And this crane is working on another set of condos only a block away.


This crane? Beats me. It's working on something near the hospital.

Now, this is all within one mile along Peachtree. I can only hope I'm gone before people start moving in. Traffic is going to be horrendous!

-T. Budnik


Bezzie said...

You need to get a better pocket camera! (Ha ha, I can knock ya cuz I'm related to you!)

Mmm...a condo complex, how delightfully boring!

Stacie said...

eeeks! you are making me greatful for my tiny town, no condos!

Carol said...

You mean the traffic isn't already awful with the construction?

Anonymous said...

yeah I always love when city planners try to pack more people into a small place...go progress go! :( Hope you get to move before it becomes to congested.