Feb 5, 2007

Home of the Giant...

Cop out!

Yeah, what can I say, I've been super busy on the weekends packing and stuff and there IS a dorky giant pair of cowboy boots outside of one of the malls near us, but I just haven't had time to get over there!

So since I hate Texas anyway, this Alaskan girl will give you a picture of something her hometown (Palmer) is famous for (photo courtesy the Juneau Empire--I told you I was a cop out!)


Giant cabbage!!! My hometown was carved out by a ginormous glacier (that you can still walk up to and mess around on) and when it receded leaving the valley Palmer sprung up on, it left the soil rich in glacial silt which, coupled with the long daylight hours in the summer, is great for growing giant cabbage, potato farming, and marijuana. It's estimated that one in four homes in my hometown has at least one of the last plants mentioned in that list!

We've only got a week left of internet access before we get the heck outta Texass so I'll be mum for a bit on the assignments.

But don't worry, once we get re-settled I'll be back at it!


Anonymous said...

That is HUGE!!! do they make lots of kimshi or salads in your town? What do you do with giant greenery?

sgeddes said...

Love seeing the giant cabbage - I think more interesting than the boots. Good luck with the move!

Stacie said...

will be missing you and am oh, so glad yer outta there! Cool giant cabbage... is it also the Home of the Giant... cole slaw?

cpurl17 said...

Wah, I'll miss you so much! I'm working on the world's biggest dust bunny so you'll have something to look forward to.

Zonda said...

Amazing!! Think of the cole slaw that sucker could make! :)