Feb 6, 2007

Funny Sign? Or not so funny?

Wait just one darn minute! When did 'Native Prairie Restoration involve brick, concrete and glass?

I live in a semi-rural area that is exploding with both development and a vocal army against all things concrete and steel in order to preserve the natural setting of the area. I have watched this building go up behind this sign for months and can't help but shake my head over the irony of it.

Especially when you read the descprition on the signs themselves.

"This area is being managed to encourage the growth of native wildflowers and plants. The diverse plant community is similar to the prairies that covered much of Minnesota years ago. The variety of grasses and flowering plants provide food and habitat for butterflies, birds and other wildlife. It is estimated that only about 1% of native tall grass prairie remains in the United States today."

So much for preservation, huh?


Bezzie said...

That's classic!!! I saw some of those type signs when we were driving through Illinois this summer--but they actually HAD prairie behind them!

Stacie said...

That is a funny sign, and extra points for the irony!

Anonymous said...

that made me say...."ooohhh, how sad." makes me think about how americans used to get exercise just doing daily living, now we run going no where in a room with sweaty people....

moment of silence for the grass...and crazy glass building.

cpurl17 said...

wow, who knew that office buildings were indigenous to the native prairies?