May 22, 2007

Mixed Messages

I am headed out of town tomorrow, so I thought I'd leave a new idea before I go. I call it "Mixed Messages." Think signage gone awry, billboards that have been messed with, or just public messages you find amusing. I hope you guys are into it!

I would measure my elf, but I think he ran off with my tape measure.


Bezzie said...

Hm, now I feel the need to do some inner reflection myelf.

I like this idea...I found a mixed message that made me laugh the other day. I'll have to bring my camera to the laundromat!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, another version of 'funny sign' which was one of my favorites topics so far on DYHOOT

Cindy in (un) Happy Valley said...

This is hysterical!

It sorta confirms the notion that God has to have a wicked sense of humor.