Mar 10, 2007

Up Close and Personal-Like

I present to you...."The Close-up"!

You would, I'm sure, now like to know what this very interesting textural close-up is of, correct? Even if you aren't wondering, I'm gonna show ya! Just for completeness' sake!

Ta Da:

The scratching post that my fur-babies have, well, scratched! A well-scratched, scratching post.

Hmm, is that gonna make the grammar police come after me?


Bezzie said...

Oh wow! I wish my cats would grasp the concept of a scratching post. They're too dumb/lazy to stop scratching the furniture.

Anonymous said...

yeah my cats have decided that it is much more fun to ruin all of our things, I am thinking that they just want us to have nicer...well everything I mean why else would they destroy all that we own right?