Mar 10, 2007

Spring? What's that?!

There has been no spring in the Alaskan Great North, but it has been super sunny and even though that means cold, it is been wonderful! Yesterday I attended a work retreat at Anchorage's one and only golf course. This is what we saw out the windows though...:)

Yep, that's Mount McKinley!

And just for Bezzie...Flat Top Mountain. This was looking out the window we had lunch and some of the best Italian food I've had in a very long time!

It was a beautiful sight and so wonderful to be at something for work while viewing such fantastic sights.

As for my close up...My husband, Dave, keeps plants all over our house and I think that is what keeps us sane during the long winters here. So even though it is cold and snowy here for months at a time, I am surrounded by green-ness throughout the year. :) He ROCKS!


Anonymous said...

I love the close up, it looks almost too good to be true, so dainty and very green.

And I definitely dig your pix of Alaska, hubby and I have always wanted to go.

Stacie said...

hey Sis! Love the mountainy goodness, and that green is outta this world!!

Carol said...

Great mountain shot. And the green in the close-up is beeyootiful!

Bezzie said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Mt. McKinley is an elusive sucker!
And aw, Flattop! You shouldn't have!
I love that plant close up. Is that a succulent?