Mar 12, 2007

Up Close

I'm finally settled again and ready to jump back into "Do You..?"

So for my close up I present:


Yeah ok, pretty easy to guess, but I simply love this...


...window in our new dining room. My five year old son calls it the "churchy window."


Zonda said...

Cool window!! I love the quilt below too!

Pinkwool said...

The churchy window. Lol. He's such a cutie!

I love stained glass windows. I would love to have one someday. :)

sgeddes said...

Love the Churchy window. I love older houses becuase of the neat details like that.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have a place to hang your hat. And I dig the churchy window, there is something to the little stuff that they used to add to old houses that is...special and makes your house feel warm.

Carol said...

Nice echo effect with the green quilt!

Stacie said...

I like the churchy window!

T. Budnik said...

Dude, you will never believe what I did. I read this post, never looked at the name, and then went onto your blog and was like, hey, she's got a churchy window like the one I saw on the "Do you" blog!

Oh sweet sassy molassy. And, when I first saw this post, I saw the wall hanging and thought geez, someone has some quilting handywork just like Mom!