Mar 21, 2007

Springy close-ups

nectarine blossoms

The first sign of Spring in my yard is definitely finding blossoms on our nectarine tree. I had to trick my camera into taking this one, so we could see it REAL close-up..

Next. . . while tinkering around outside, thinking of things to photograph, I saw something in a new way... can you tell what it is??


why... it's the edge of a Hydrangea leaf. I honestly never realized they were spikey!

Hydrangeas - before the bloom


Zonda said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Great job!

Stacie said...

I love those pics, so springy!! And yeah, i never realized how spiky that hydrangea is!

Bezzie said...

Oh wow, nectarines! YUM!

My favorite part about blossoming trees is the petal "snow" they make when they're done blooming!

Carol said...

Neat how thinking about close-ups makes you think about things completely diffently, eh?

verasunshyne said...

absolutely! thanks for the suggestion Carol!!