Mar 13, 2007


I have no idea what spring is like in New Jersey (in fact I'm a little sad it's spring after being jacked out of winter having been in Texas--I'm SICK of summer weather!)

But I do remember a major sign of spring in Alaska!

In Alaska they don't have a lottery. Instead they bet on things like when ice on the Nenana River is going to melt.

Ice Classic

When I was growing up every spring break we would buy our Nenana Ice Classic tickets and make our guesses. Obviously, we never won, but nothing said spring like Ice Classic tickets!

All you have to do is guess the date, hour and minute that the ice on the Nenana River (a small town just a smidge south of Fairbanks) is going to "melt." When it breaks enough, it tips a tripod they set up each winter and it stops the clock it's rigged to.

Of course, you have to make sure you account for earthquakes and such too tripping the tripod early.


Anonymous said...

Man...I so want to go to Alaska, I mean what a way to make fun out of all the wintery weather. Hope those are your tickets for the lottery and you win.

cpurl17 said...

hmm maybe I should have a similar contest: when is that girl going to FINALLY finish knitting that sweater??

Stacie said...

Bezz, that is sooo funny! I love the little regional ways we all celebrate spring! And after my recent trip to SoCal, I am all about the seasons! They don't know the joy of a warm spring day like us survivors of sub-zero temps!

T. Budnik said...

I got a ticket, too! And, you're darn tootin' I'm gonna win!


Jamie said...

I just clicked over from a freind's link to youand had to tell you that I grew up in Tucson, AZ, surrounded by dry river beds, but every spring, the weather man had a contest called "Ice Break on the Santa Cruz (River)"--the winner had to correctly guess the date and time we would first hit 100 degrees. How funny!