Mar 7, 2007

Spring, Schming

I opened my blinds this morning to discover a new blanket of snow falling. So pretty to watch but not very spring-y. No signs of spring in central Ohio.


Stacie said...

are our Suthin friends rubbing it in?? maybe they can share "huge bugs" at a later date! :)

Wendy said...

Hey! Here in the UK I'm on the same latitude as Calgary in Canada so I'm much further North than you lot.
Fortunately, living on a small island we get the benefit of the warming effects of the Atlantic and that wonderful Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift bringing warm currents across from the Gulf of Mexico.
So here at latitude 48 55 North it's sunny and warm this morning.

Anonymous said...

well, I hear your is cold here, we got a little bit of snow, no accumulation but it's a good sign that the temp is rising, yup higher than 32 degrees here (we're havin' a heat wave..a tropical heat wave)

Carol said...

I feel for and with ya!