Mar 2, 2007

Iowa's Largest Frying Pan

We saw a faded, hand-painted sign on the side of the road for this, and who wouldn't stop to see a giant frying pan?

I asked the woman at the gas station if it was the U.S.'s largest frying pan. She said didn't know. She just knew it was Iowa's.




cpurl17 said...

That would make some omelette!

Anonymous said...

Man I love America...where else would you put that up in hopes of attracting people...God bless the USA

kat said...

lol...wish i could find my picture of the biggest ball of twine in minneasota (used to be the biggest in the country then texas had to top us!)

Stacie said...

I love it!

Bezzie said...

How funny! You joined! I was just going to say "Hey! My sister has been to that frying pan!" I'm a tad bit slow!

Anonymous said...

Ohh!! where this location is located in US mate!!