Mar 4, 2007

The Frogs say "Spring is here"

They have been enjoying Springtime in my pond and this is the product of their "activity"

also in my garden

Daffodils -

Fosythia -

and Rosemary

all in bloom VERY early. Wouldn't expect to see most of these until mid to late March and they've been out for a couple of weeks already. All our news programmes are talking about climate change and global warming and Spring coming earlier.

We've had a very mild, very wet winter here in England and things never really stopped growing but I still love to see that Spring is on the way and I'll be able to get out in my garden planting things soon.


Carol said...

So very pretty! Here we are still waiting for the ice and snow to melt. Impatiently.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, New England definitely had a mild winter this year, but only I think as far as snow, it was pretty cold up here for me...I am super excited to see signs of spring, love that you have flowers, it is still way to cold up here for flowers...but I keeping my eyes peeled.

Stacie said...

yay for global warming!! Our last frost date is April 30... still a way off...