Mar 20, 2007


This is a bridge. And a boat.

This is a bridge. On a boat.

And this is a bridge. On a boat. Going under a bridge.


Bezzie said...

Wow. Trying to figure all that out just blew my mind!

Stacie said...

what the??? Wow, how did you manage that one??

Anonymous said...

dang that is the craziest bridge I have ever seen...can you get on the boat/bridge? does this thing move up and down the river/lake it's on? very cool.

Klozter said...

Yes, I know, it's really weird! The green one is the actual drawbridge over one of the main shipping canals here, raised to let the boat through. The barge itself is carrying another drawbridge (stored vertically because that's the only way it will fit) to be installed somewhere else on the canal. You can even see the road markings already painted on it. Or perhaps it's an old bridge, already used, being retired from active duty?