Mar 11, 2007

A Bridge Too Far

OK, this is probably the most famous land-mark in my little hometown of Marlow - our bridge.

It crosses the River Thames with Marlow on the Northern side (left in the picture) and Bisham (pronounced Biss-um) on the Southern side. Marlow is in the county of Buckinghamshire and Bisham in Berkshire.

The bridge was designed by William Tierney-Clark and built in 1829. Tierney-Clark designed many suspension bridges including the first such bridge to span the Thames in London, Hammersmith bridge, and his most famous design, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge across the Danube in Budapest, Hungary. Marlow bridge is an identical but much smaller prototype for that bridge.

The view above is from Higginson Park (see my close up post) and shows All Saints Church on the left - it's one of the most famous views on the River Thames.

Here's a picture taken from the bridge showing the church and the construction of the bridge

(that's me in the red coat!)

So - Do you have one of these?

If you're interested there's more about the bridge here

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Stacie said...

bridges, that is a great topic! lovely bridge miss!

Carol said...

Oooh! I like that!