Feb 12, 2007

A Stand of Flamingo

Hi there, I've just joined this game and I'm really keen to play. I looked at the current posted categories and thought "Oh Great....I am in rural England in February, where am I going to find a flamingo?"

I searched on the net to find where the nearest flamingo might be - an animal park in Oxfordshire about 70 miles away, not really in my neighbourhood. I decided to think laterally...perhaps there is a bar or a business called "The Flamingo" nearby...no luck.

Then this morning I realised, I have not one but three flamingo (a stand of flamingo is apparantly the correct collective phrase) here in my very house...so here they are:

These flamingo are in my cocktail cabinet right here in my lounge and they even have a palm tree to shelter under!



Anonymous said...

now that is cool...nothing makes that drink special like a neon plastic bird! love it

Stacie said...

welcome, and what time are drinks served?

Wendy said...

cocktail hour is 8 till 9 - that's UK time I'm afraid so probably a bit early in the day for the rest of you!!!!

sdpaul said...

Wendy, those look like very happy birds. That glass one there on the left looks flamingo like. Love the little umbrellas. So what's a flamingos favorite drink?