Feb 22, 2007

Funny Sign

Well, my funny sign was a billboard a couple years ago. No picture (I actually did a google search for it though), but it was good enough for me to remember it, so I thought I would share it....

It was for Dreyer's Ice Cream. It showed a young girl eating an ice cream cone with the caption: "because she hasn't asked where she came from yet". Now, maybe I thought it was so funny because I hadn't had "the talk" with my then eight year old daughter yet...but I laughed every time I drove by it. And then laughed more when she would ask why I was laughing. :)

Oh, and "the talk" that finally happened last month...it wasn't so bad. :)


Stacie said...

that is funny! And I'm glad to hear the talk came off without a hitch!

verasunshyne said...

ooh, I dread 'the talk'. . until then I think an ice cream will suffice. (!!!)