Feb 15, 2007

Don't have one of those, but I have one of these...

As I'm in the UK our electrical plugs/sockets are completely different. So, as I didn't want to be left out on this one, I thought I'd share a picture of one of our electrical plugs.

You'll see ours have three pins - live, earth and neutral. The extra pin is the earth which grounds the appliance should it become live. Also you can't really see but the third pin is slightly longer and this is to open an internal gaurd in the wall socket which prevents little fingers exploring when the socket is empty!

I am astounded by the amount of these in my house, it's something that has become an issue to me over the years - thinking about how much energy I use in my everyday life and how much of that is really necessary....something as ordinary as an electrical plug can make you look at things in a different way...just think every time you push one into a wall socket - Do I really need to use this appliance or could I do without it?

The energy is gonna run out sooner or later.....sorry, I'll take my eco-warrior hat off now....!


Carol said...

I didn't realie that the longer prong was a safety feature. what a good idea!

Stacie said...

naw, leave it on! You're right!