Feb 28, 2007


I previously posted a photo of a photo of the Giant Peach. Finally managed to see it in all of its fibreglass glory.
We also saw this little fella poking out of the ground: So what signs of Spring's approach (or at least Winter's winding down) do you see?


Anonymous said...

Lovely Crocus....we are about to be buried under the second foot of snow in a week, so our crocuses are a LONG way out from poking out of the earth.

That photo gives me some hope though!

T. Budnik said...

Holy Moo Cows! That peach is great. Where is it? I love oversized attractions.


cpurl17 said...

that peach is so funny!

The gloer shot is great--it gives us hope :)

Stacie said...

that is a great topic, but sadly I am a little ways off from joining in!!