Jan 10, 2007


Hello and welcome to this crazy idea that just might work! My dream is to see, I mean really see, the world that revolves around my favorite bloggers. I want to get to know your neighborhood, and share mine with you. I want to get to know you through the photos you take, and the way they reflect your community. The one in the real world, that is...
But this is a scavenger hunt as well. I think the worlds we live in, although separated by miles, affected by cultures and population, are more the same than different.
Sign up, then take a look around, and come up with things to post on. The rest of us will spot and shoot the same or similar things in our homelands. Use the handy-dandy "label" function to label your item, and following bloggers can use the same label to link them all together... make sense?
Email me at mommymoshpit at yahoo dot com and join in.
I will come up with the first "assignment" soon! Stay tuned!

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