Jan 28, 2007


Bezzie catching up here! (Even though for some reason I didn't sign up for this blog under than name...but whatever).

We went to the zoo today and I had a chance to do both Camera Shy and Flamingos!

First up camera shy. I cheated and had my husband take the picture:


That's a road that I think the San Antonio River flows over back behind the zoo. Don't be fooled, it's only six inches there in the middle. But if I had fallen off to the other side, well yeah that's pretty deep.

And I also give you not one but TWO types of flamingos!

First "normal" flamingos:


And then "lesser flamingos," they're a bit smaller and a different shade of pink but still pretty cool:


It's good to be a flamingo in Texas. Yesterday was 75 degrees and sunny. Today only about 60, but still sunny!


Carol said...

I would say it's good to be an anything in Texas! Right now it's -8C where I live! Very nifty pictures! No fair cheating. You were supposed to use the timer! *grin*

devilishsouthernbelle.net said...

This after all that snow and ice? Or are you in a different part of Texas?

Very pretty birds. I still need to get a 'camera shy' photo/entry done.

Stacie said...

great photos and Texas looks nice and warm! 6 degrees here today! Yay! Cold! whatever! I'll take a sunny 60 for a few!!!! I like the lesser ones... root for the underdog...

sgeddes said...

The flamingos are pretty. I like the softer pink of the "lesser" birds.

I'm afraid if I were to "run" acroos those rocks the picture would have to be titled "Swimming".