Jan 26, 2007

Two for the price of one!

I managed to extract my butt from the chesterfield today and go cross country skiing. I took my camera with me.
My friendly neighborhood stop sign at 11 AM: 2 hours later:

We get all kind of wacky cloud/fog action around here because of the "valley effect".

I decided I'd try skiing away from the camera. There's not alot of flat surfaces on the trail that I can sit my camera on, so I headed over to the biathlon range.

I wasn't sure how quickly I could ski away from the camera, so the first time I really hauled @ss. My exhuberance combined with the haze made for a not so great shot. So I decided to adjust the camera settings and change the direction I was skiing in:

Un, yeah, quite the change in direction - DOWN! I caught an edge when I hit the deep snow at the side of the groomed trail. Thank goodness I was doing this at noon on a weekday...

The haze cleared, and the third time was the charm.


verasunshyne said...

what a fun set of pics! You had me laughing a little at the falling down bit.. but in nice way.. hehehe!

Carol said...

I like the trilogy of shots. Neat!

Bezzie said...

Hee hee! Love the before and after stop sign shot and two thumbs up for creativity with the camera shy shot!

Stacie said...

Great photos! And etra points for skiing and remembering the camera, and then getting great pics too!! Lovely mountians!!!

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

I thought these shots looked strangely familiar. I travel the Kootneys alot and that's what they reminded me of. Given the fact that you used the word "chesterfield" I am guessing you are Canadian, possibly originally from back east. (Manitoba perhaps?)

How am i doing so far? Great pics and if I had to guess I would say somewhere along highway 3.