Jan 28, 2007

In Search Of...

I started my pursuit of the near-extinct Plastic Flamingo (flamingus plasticus) early on Saturday morning. We found this, this and even this, but alas, no Flamingo.

On too much coffee and with kids shouting "there's one" when I'm pretty sure they have no idea what a plastic flamingo is, I trolled the street of town, in search of a rare glimpse.

After what seemed like an eternity, we came upon this wonderful specimen. I chased it in the snow and freezing cold, but was only able to snap this shot with my telephoto lens. I dared not get too close for my Flamingo had taken refuge... and I had heard stories of horror regarding the dangerous behavior of startled Plastic Geese.
pink flamingo


vin said...

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kat said...

that is so funny...love the little flamingo peeking out

sgeddes said...

Wow! You caught a treasure trove of yard art in that trip. the least of which was the flamingo!

LadyLungDoc said...

So do Plastic Geese leave behind boatloads of plastic poop? Or is that what you were referring to as "Dangerous Behavior"?

Bezzie said...

Wuhahaha! You found one! Have we contacted the government yet? The company that makes plastic lawn flamingos JUST went out of business.

They need to be put on the endangered species list!!!

Carol said...

Don't piss off the plastic geese! They might attack! Eeek!