Jan 25, 2007

Home away from home.....

This is not the stop sign nearest my home, but is the stop sign right outside the coffeeshop that I haunt during the work day.

Instead of lunch, I sit in the coffee shop there to the right, drink tea or a breve and knit while I listen to an audio book.

Makes for a decent break in the work day.

This is an alley on a really busy cross street. I can't believe I caught it with no traffic!


Stacie said...

mmm... knitting and tea for luch, sounds delish!

Bezzie said...

Gotta break up the day with some knitting!

sdpaul said...

I like the way you break your day.
I have to think of something like that for when I have to go back to work. I just had a nice year off with the kids and now I have to head back to the ole bump and grind. It would be a lot easier if I found a way to break my day.