Jan 30, 2007

Does this count?

Just because it's Winter, and the lawn ornaments have migrated to the basement, doesn't mean you can't enjoy that Perpetual Pinkness! I found this:

houseplant flamingo

Mini Lawn Ornament for Your Potted Plants

Lawn icons like the Garden Gnome, Lawn Jockey, and the ever-popular Gardener's Tush have graced America's front yards for decades. But why should your garden have all the fun?

The solution - all of your favorite lawn icons scaled down to fit in your houseplants. It's a humble idea, sorta like sliced bread or pop tarts.

Perfect for livening up that dull plant in your office cube!

Fancy Plants are reinforced polystone figurines with spiked bases that allow you to nestle them alongside all your houseplants. Each is approximately 3.5" high plus base.

You can get your very own at:



Bezzie said...

Oh no, you soooo shouldn't have posted that. What a great idea!

Stacie said...

it's all good!

Stacie said...

it's all good!

Anonymous said...

Dudes and dudettes - I'm in Minnesota! There are no flamingoes out at this time of year!

LadyLungDoc said...

Glad to see that the lawn jockey is a PC caucasian.