Jan 22, 2007

can't catch me

With all the ice on the sidewalks, I decided, for safety's sake, it would be best to take a run inside. My friend Steve took this shot for me in a hallway in the office. This was the second try. I got further away on the first attempt, but it was because the flash took forever, so I felt like I was cheating on the 2 second rule.


Stacie said...

you are like the wind! this is fun, no?

Bezzie said...

I hear you...I'm going to have to do a couple of takes because I know my time goes off after about 10 secs, not 2...there will be some hippopotomi counting involved!
But you nailed the picture!

sgeddes said...

Great picture. Love the office setting. If I tried that at my office a few people would have a fit!

Geo said...

I'd love seeing everyone's "outtakes" too.

I don't think there ARE any rules, when your pointis running away. ; ) This is such a fun shot. I like the red wall too—adds drama!