Jan 29, 2007

Camera Shy


Ok, I am a little slow with these, but this is my Camera Shy. Damned if I will ever find a Pink Flamingo here in the winter of Chicago.

I play basketball--and have played for several years--with this group of folks. The group has been together for around 15 yrs and we meet every saturday -- summer in the park, winter at the Y. Its great, not too competitive, usually a good mix of girls/guys.


Stacie said...

Go Joe!!! Love the action shot!!!

Bezzie said...

That's a great shot! Does anyone ever ask why you're taking a picture of yourself?? I feel like such a nut!

joesepi said...

Yes, the other folks were looking at me funny. I told them it was for my HighSchool Paper. They know I dont go to or work at a High School, so they just looked at me a little more funnier.