Jan 13, 2007

Alaska Stop Sign

Time taken...8:30am - Yes, the sun still does not rise until about 9:30am, but we are getting more and more sunlight all the time...WHOO, HOO!!!

Place taken: Two blocks from our house...just around the curve and up a hill

Snow amount... 2 & 1/2 feet to 3 feet

This was on my way to work yesterday. I'm glad I got it then, because my boss asked me for the camera for the weekend. I figured I would give it to her since she let me buy it with Department funds. Hmmm, how am I going to tell her I need it next week for another picture for Stacie's Blog???


Stacie said...

break it to her gently! It's a cultural study of the blah blah blah and the yadda yadda... Dark and cold, you crazy people! Hey, check out Maria, she lives in Seattle and is my other sister from another mother... step, that is...

devilishsouthernbelle.net said...

Wow, I can't believe it's that dark at 8:30 a.m., even though it is Alaska. I think I'd love it, since I prefer night to day.

Bezzie said...

Ha ha, I believe it's that dark ;-)

Maybe I've been by that stop sign! Hee hee!

Maria said...

Here in Seattle, we measure our snow in inches - or 1/2 inch, as was the forecast today. :)

I couldn't imagine living with multiple FEET of snow. Does it go away? Or is it there for the duration of winter? Does the summer daylight make up for the darkness of winter?

Wendy said...

WAHH! That's what MY stop sign should've looked like! I heard on the news last night that we normally have 2 feet of snow by this time. We've only had four inches this winter.
I'll bet that stop sign looks REALLY tall in the summer :).

Jessica said...

aw man, I wish my stop sign was buried in snow!

michelle said...

The darkness is cool to be able to see the stars and Northern Lights, but it does get old after a while. And...because we have had so much snow falling, we haven't seen many stars.

You might have actually been by this one, as it is a busier intersection in the Boniface/DeBarr area. Lately, we have been getting those beautiful sunsets of the sky looking pink, purple, and orange all at the same time. It has been amazing!

I'm sorry there hasn't been snow in Seattle. I would be happy to give you some. This weekend Dave and I shoveled off roof (just the bottom 4 feet) because it was so deep. We've actually lived up here for 4 & 1/2 years and this is truly the most snow we've had at this time of the year. The last few years they have had to truck in snow for the Iditarod (dog sled race in early March). As for going away, it does eventually, but spring usually happens in about a two week time frame and it is in May. The last two weeks are basically the beginning of summer. The sunlight is wonderful and yet very weird, as I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and we did not have this extreme sun/darkness there.

Where do you live? Hopefully, you get some snow soon.

As I told Maria, you are more than welcome to have some of our snow. Dave was wondering where he was going to snow blow it to, since the walls on either side of our driveway are getting pretty tall.

Geo said...

You beat me, hands down. Utah's got nothin' on you, except a little more daylight!

I'd love to see Alaska. Especially the Northern Lights.